We are the leading roofing contractor in New Albany IN . We have been providing professional residential and commercial roofing services to New Albany IN since 1980. Our professional quality workmanship and competitive prices separates us from other roofing contractors.

If you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager in New Albany IN that needs a roofing estimate from a reliable roofing contractor for roof replacement or repair, Stiles Contracting can help. We’ll provide you with objective information about the type of roofing materials available, their benefits and costs, and other items to consider when replacing or repairing your roof.

A commitment to customer service and attention to detail are what makes Stiles Contracting the leading roofing contractor in New Albany Indiana. All of our workmanship is conditionally guaranteed. Along with long-term manufacturers warranties on the high quality roofing materials we utilize.

Economical, traditional three-tab shingles.

Roof Repairs

A small roof leak can quickly turn into a major problem causing hundreds of dollars’ in damage to the roof structurer and your home’s interior. In most cases a roof leak can be repaired with at a minimal cost to the homeowner, providing the leak is addressed in a timely manner.

Stiles Contracting has over 35 years investigating and locating roof leaks. We will recommend the best way to repair the leak. Our repairs are permanent not quick fixes that won’t last.

There are times when the roof is simply worn out and in need of replacement. If that is the case, we can provide you a written estimate to replace the roof.

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